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Quick Cash loans

Instant cash loans can be a convenient way of covering costs when you need immediate money, such as a leaking radiator that needs urgent repair. Quick cash loans can be used to be cover whatever your needs, and because UK lenders understand that sometimes your needs simply can’t wait, in most instances you will receive the fast cash loans you need within 15 minutes of completing the quick and simple application form.

How much can I apply for?

Cash loans can vary from £100 to £5,000 but are usually taken over a shorter period of time and therefore tend to be smaller amounts of borrowing.  However, if you do need to borrow a loan of a higher amount, you can still apply online today and request for your repayments to be made over 6 months+. The final term will be agreed with a lender subject to approval and affordability.

How will I receive my cash loan?

If approved, you will be able to request how the payment is sent to you with the lender that you are matched with. Ordinarily, most loans will be paid into your bank account despite the name “cash loans”.

Will an instant cash loan affect my credit score?

Applying for a cash loan today will appear on your credit report, as this is how you build a credit history which helps lenders base their decisions to borrow to you or not. As long as you meet your repayments and make the payments on time, then a cash loan today will not leave a negative footprint on your credit score.

How much will you charge me?

We won’t charge you a penny upfront to use our services so they are free for you to use. However, if you are accepted for a fast cash loan then you will be charged by the lender. You will pay back to the lender the amount that you have borrowed, plus the agreed interest on top of this value. We may receive some commission or a fee from the lender. It’s important to read the lenders terms and conditions before agreeing to the loan, to be sure that you understand the interest amount that you will be charged.

What should I do if I can’t afford to make my payments?

If you are struggling to meet your repayments of your quick cash loan, then you will need to contact the lender directly that you are in agreement in with. They will be able to help you so please do not be worried about contacting them. All lenders will have procedures in place to help people who are suffering financially and will be more than happy to discuss options with you.

Ready to apply?

Things to consider before applying is to ensure that you can afford to make the repayments. When you’re ready to apply simply click on the apply now button and fill out the quick and easy application form. You will then receive a lending decision within minutes, and if approved, redirected to the approved lender where you will finalise your application before receiving the funds.

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